Wednesday 5 December 2018


The basing department came home today and brought a bunch of based figures for the Elizabethan Irish project. Mainly Irish but also a few English. I will come back to the English but for now I thought I might share progress on the Irish.

I have done seperate post on converting the Redoubt Enterprises Irish but here they are again the first 4 of a planned 6 Irish light horse. All four have head swaps but no other changes.

The archers will either be a unit of 12 or 2 forlorn hopes of 6, lets see how they play. First 11 are here, two more of the Perry's figures to do so I am tempted to pinch one of the Crusader figures (far right) to convert into a musketeer.
The Javelin armed Kern will be a descreet unit, I may eventually have 2 nits of these but for now these are the first completed unit of 12 Irish foot. As with the archers these are a mix of Perry, Antedluvian (ex-claymore) and Crusader.
A few more to do to finish this lot off, these will be Bonnaught, slightly more prefessional and better armed Kern, 7 done so 5 more to complete the unit. I have a couple of figures but may need a couple extra to fill in some gaps. These particular figures are amongst my favourites, the guy with the two handed swords and arm armour is a brilliant sculpt.
The Gallowglass, there are 22 of these dour double handed axemen, again a real mix with some minor conversions of the Antedeluvian figures and one Foundry figures mixed in.

Splitting these up you can see what a unit of 12 will looklike, As it happens I have 2 figures to paint which will finish off the second unit of Gallowglass, the one at the front however takes me to two finished units.

So throwing the whole lot together here they are.  a couple more Kern, a couple more Gallowglass and a couple more horse will give me 5 units. I need a few more to finish the Bonnaught then its concentrating on the Shotte who are more of a puzzler for me at the moment. More on that in another post.

For some reason I missed this piper off when I was splitting figures into units. He is one of my favourite of the old Claymore Scots, not decided which unit he will grace yet. I do want a couple more standard bearers too. But all that said this force is well on its way now.

So, there are the Irish so far. Progress I hope you will agree. Whilst I am workign up a few more and cosnidering options to increase the number of shotte I will be putting together a bit of a review of the English having received my Demi Lancers back from the basing department too. These are slightly more progressed.

I will have to invest ib a bigger peice of mat for the photographs, this was kindly donated by chum Dave but unfortunately melted slightly under the heat of a lamp I was using for the pictures and is now a bit on the bumpy side when getting pictures of larger units.

Take it easy folks!


  1. This is all coming together rather nicely...

    All the best. Aly

  2. Looking good. I very much like seeing how you have done the saffron. I have a few of the old Claymore figs which I intend to use for Lion Rampant and I'm in need of inspiration! My only nitpick is with 'the guy with the two handed swords and arm armour', how does the arm armour stay on? Isn't it normally attached to the shoulder pieces, which themselves are attached to the cuirass?

    1. Hi Doug, the base colour for the Saffron is ECW Buff from colour party paints with a bit of variety on the shading. I had not really thought about the arm armour, but there are sources showing Irish men with similar gear, I imagine to make this work you would need a leather strap across the chest and under the armpit back across the back. Still I like how it looks for all that.