Sunday 23 July 2017

Sikh War Irregulars

So the basing department popped home this weekend, bringing with her a fair number of finished goodies for my Sikh Wars collection.

There is a battalion of Foundry Sepoys and another of Studio Khalsa which I will come back to but for now here are the irregulars plus a few more on the workbench.

First up are the matchlock men 3 bases so far. The rest are nearly finished. All Foundry figures. Mainly Sikhs but three of the same Afghan mixed in.

 Next are the sword and spear men. One base so far I almost have enough for two more bases painted. This will either need to be a small unit or I will have to find some more figures. Again all Foundry.

 I then have two bases of cavalry. Again all Foundry, the command base finishes a unit for me giving me three units of irregular horse and the first base of another unit.

 We then have a Sikh general. I already have 3 command bases but you do need plenty of generals in Black Powder.
I also have a few more on the workbench to add to This colection. Matchlocks, swords and the first Perry Afghan pressed I to service.


  1. Great blog sir! Outstanding paint jobs! I'm a new follower....

  2. Nice to hear from you jb new freinds always welcome. Glad you like em.