Monday 5 July 2021

Uniformed Irregular Matchlock Men for Sikh Wars Based

Adding to my Bahawalpur contingent forces for the Sikh Wars I have these yellow coated chaps, I liked the Skinners horse so much that I inadvertantly copied the uniform colours for these guys. Genuinely I was half way through before I realised I had literally copied the uniform.

At the same time I picked up this nice mounted Brigadier, another Empress mounted officer from the old Iron Duke Indian Mutiny range.

I like how this chap came out, the contrast with the blue jacket and red sash works really well.
The majority of these figures are Empress Indian Mutiny matchlock men and would have been muslim troops. The population of Bahawalpur was trabally mainly Baluchi with a large Pathan population too.
My first unit was all Baluchi and this one is all Pathan, I will have aother two of all Baluchi troops to finish off this contingent which feels about right in terms of the mix. The flag is from the Perry plastic Afghan box and I think fits them quite well.
You will see I have included some figures in skull caps which I think adds to the irregular look of this unit. The chap on the far right is a Perry metal Afghan and one of the matchlockmen on the command base is a Foundry Baluchi, the rest are all Empress.
The close up here shows off the quality of some of these lovely sculpts. I will no doubt get more at some point, not because I need them just because they are lovely!

This particular unit didn't come with Dahl shields other than the Foundry figure, again makes them slightly different to some of the others.

Really pleased with these, the other two units for Bahawalpur will be much more irregular looking and one will mainly be armed with swords and shields.

Until the next time then, stay safe!


  1. Another lovely unit ready for battle 👍

    1. Thanks Matt, hopefully have them on table in the next few weeks.

  2. Really nice Roj. And the flag does work. Generally, I’m liking the unit sizes you’ve chosen for this collection. Hope you’ve a scenario that uses all the kit and caboodle! :-)

    1. Thanks Chris, will do our usual and throw them all on table and see what happens lol!

  3. Great job with that. It is lovely addition into your collection.