Friday 12 March 2021

Skinners and others for Sikh Wars off the Workbench

This week I have been mainly painting in red and yellow, kind of. Really pleased to have got the last of the figures completed for Skinners horse. Alongside these a couple of Officers and the next lot of the Bahwalpur forces, all very colourful.

First of all through the couple of figures that are not red and yellow.

These two Officers are from one of Empress Miniatures Officer Packs, this pack of field officers has a variety of uniforms which is great as commanders for Brigades and such like.

This lovely figure is waiting, sword drawn, for the perfect moment to strike at the enemy with his men, a lovely pose which quite suits the standing horse I think. Simple but elegant.

This next one is a bit more dynamic, as he has a sun helmet I decided he wouldnt be a good fit for the Sikh Wars, much more of a Muitny Officer, which of course is what he is designed as, so I painted him up as a present for chum Chris, hope you like it Chris. Apologies if you were looking forward to painting him yourself.
Despite not staying with me I do like this figure, thats a well groomed beard he is sporting.
Next are the last of the Skinners, I think I have finally got the yellow I was looking for and the red to contrast, whether its actually right or not is another matter of course. 
The Officer is particularly nice in his spiked helmet, overall I am really pleased with these guys, important for me as they are an iconic unit.
Once based I expect these to look fantastic on the table, well lets hope eh?
I am really pleased with the end result for Skinners and they are ready to make their way to York as soon as we are permitted.
They might have looked better with a couple more lances, not sure, but as they were irregulars and carried pretty much whatever weapons they fancied I think this actually looks about right. I am not bothered about flags for my irregular cavalry, not sure it really enhances them, pretty sure I will be in a minority there mind you.
Believe it or not I had nearly finished this next unit before I realised I was mirroring the Skinners colour scheme, it was just a natural combination I had decided to try. I initally wanted a more buff colour and  a mix of shades but I found I was enjoying painting this colour scheme so most just turned out yellow and red, the figure with musket across his chect below was one of those supposed to be more buff but you can hardly tell. Still I do like them. 

The majority are Empress Inidan Mutiny figures with a couple of others mixed in.

These were the first four I did, two Pathans from the Emress Matchlock man pack, in the middle, and two Perry Afghans I had already painted but needed a minor adjustment to fit in with the colour scheme.
These next guys are Empress Sepoy rabble but mix perfectly well with the Pathan matchlocks to give more variety, can you spot the head swap?
The below guys are 6 from the 8 man Pathan matchlock pack and particularly characterful. I like the short baggy sleeves with undershirt exposed.
So here are all the guys I painted this week for the unit together, I think the colour scheme really works en-masse.
A close up of some of these characterful figures, the middle one is a head I have seen used a couple of times through the range but I like it so more than happy about it being re-used here.
I really like this head with the Kula sticking out of the turban, the original figure had a Sepoys covered forage cap so I removed that to re-use later and replaced it with this which I really like, I think its from a WW1 range. Bit out of focus but you get the idea.
Another unit on bases taking it to 6 full units to go over to the basing deartment when we can. Should keep her busy and out of mischief.

I doubt I will use this colour scheme again any time soon, mainly because I want these guys to stand out. I might focus on some baggage next for this collection before having a look at some British foot.

Stay safe! 


  1. Really like the Bahwalpur irregular foot. It’s a great colour combo. And you can’t go far wrong with the Skinner’s Horse in amongst all your cavalry. Hard to resist having such a famous unit with their distinctive uniforms. You’ve done a great job with them. The officers look top and I was very pleased to receive the second bloke already painted thanks. He’ll get based with the camel gunners so he will be ready to see action very soon. Thanks Roj :-)

  2. Very nice, especially Skinners Horse. The Red and yellow go together nicely

  3. Great looking bunch of figures Roger...the Skinners Horse are great...I for one agree with you that an irregular force doesn't require a flag/standard. The mix of lances to Sabres looks about right to me as well!

    1. Thanks veyr much for thatt glad its not just me.

  4. Lovely toys Roger...
    Yellow and red make a very attractive combination.

    All the best. Aly

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Bartek they are some of my favourites so far.