Saturday, 11 March 2017

Back in Black (Or blue really) to the workbench

Well after a 4 week enforced holiday from painting I am starting to ease myself back in.

And whilst I couldn't paint detail, oil painting horses wasn't an issue. At the same time I have been introduced to coloured primer spray. My usual method is to primer horses in white, acrylic paint them a brown or sand colour then oil them before wiping off.

The purchase of a leather brown and sand coloured spray primer has removed one of these processes speeding things up, it does however reduce slightly the variety of colours I am getting so I need to beware of that.
 So as you can see I have managed to get quite a lot done. In essence there are the horses here for 3 units of Poles (Pancerni, Hussars and Cossacks) one unit of Ebor Swedish Dragoons and two units of Warfare Swedish Life Guard. The saddles and bridles etc all need painting (not to mention the riders) but its a useful pool of work done.
 Heres how the first three of these horses come out once finished, quite nice if a little samey (apparantly not a real word!)
 So as I am painting 10 -20 minutes per day again the first two results of this are a couple of Swedish Life Guard. That gives me 9 of the old Warfare figures painted and varnished, once the new ones come out I can add another 9 and we have the two units of Swedish Lifeguard, when you consider the horses are already oiled and dry this should mean two units completed fairly quickly.
 Last week I went to see the basing department in a short play she had written and directed and took the opportunity to pop in to see Nick from Ebor, I picked up 5 battalions of Norwegians for Mark and a unit of horse for me. Really interesting to see whats in the pipeline for Ebor. WSS and GNW period heavy cavalry with breastplate over their coats are available with floppy hats (Saxons) tricornes (Danes) and Helmets (Danes again). French dragoons in fur hats almost complete and also Polish dragoons in the pipeline (now that's exciting)

I also picked up his King Charles figure, taken from a famous painting of the Warrior King. I have not yet decided if he will have a command base or slot into a unit of Guard Dragoons leading them forward.

You might also notice the ticket for Black Star Riders tonight just behind the King. He's not going I am. For those of you who have not heard of them this is the surviving members of Thin Lizzy who have a raft of their own new music as well as some old classics.

Has this post gone off piste and given itself a bit of a Rock theme?
 Talking of Guard Dragoons the unit I picked up from Nick is painted, Huzza! These are the Life Guard Dragoons, note that the trumpeter is replaced by a drummer here. I have also used one of the Generals as an officer to add some variety from the other units. Really please with these and particularly pleased to be back in the saddle.
 So dont expect volumes of figures rolling off the production line but I am back at it and hope to have some more to share in due course.

Thanks for reading, nice to be back (In Black)


  1. That's some decent progress on the horses

    1. Cheers Neil, should speed things up when I ma back at full speed.

  2. A fine way of keeping your hand in - I can see the pro's and cons of the single coloured primer on your Gee-Gee's, I think someone painting at your level will sooner or later likely be seeking some colour variation.

    1. Yep your right Norm, with the last lot I did a quarter the old way to add some variety.

  3. Glad to see you're back in the saddle painting wise. (Dreadful pun).

    Blackstar Riders give a good show. seen them a couple of times over the last few years but always as a support never a headline. Enjoy.

    1. Twas good Paul thankyou, ears still rigning