Sunday, 10 July 2016

Workbench Update

So whilst the Basing department has been catching up I have been busy painting. bizarrely as I have had a bad back this has meant that I have got a it more painting done as sitting in a good chair is the most comfortable spot for me.

The first unit finished is this Saxon Field Gun and Crew from Ebor Miniatures. I will probably only use 4 of the crew for this gun and add an officer to the other two to man a smaller gun I have. Being a tight Yorkshireman I do like to make best use of my gunners.

I have also finished a few more Saxons, I have eight of this unit complete, as you can see I am adding a number of floppy hats to the tricornes for these fellows. The Saxons kept the older style floppy hats longer than many countries and I think it likely that tricornes lost their three corners on campaign anyway so this unit will have a mix.

I then have enough Swedes to complete my next regiment Kronoberg. Firstly the three Pike each with separate heads.

 The command, in this case the officers heads are cast on and Seargent and Drummer are separate.

 Two grenadier figures, one with the head bandaged, again separate heads so Grenadiers can be in Korpus, Tricorn, brass fronted mitre, cloth mitre or low mitre, plus of course bandaged heads. You can see the second grenade pouch on the left hip.

  Lastly musketeers, the figure in the middle has a cast on head the other two are both separate.

Many thanks to wargaming chum Steve Shann for putting all the base coats on these Swedes as a favour, along with the basing department this allows me to use my limited time to best effect. Steve is a full time figure painter, if you are looking for someone to paint your figures you could do a lot worse.

That's it again for now. Cavalry to follow then hopefully we can see the above Swedes based and ready taking me to six battalions. Surely that will be time for a formal parade!! 


  1. Many superb figures on your painting desk. Look forward to seeing them based.

  2. Cheers Jonathan, probably be about 2 weeks before these ones are based and on the blog, basing department back at Uni for a week now.

  3. These figures are awesome, splendid job!

  4. I appreciate it Phil thank you. Post on Swedish Cavalry to follow and I might do an AAR on the Arthurian game on Sunday as something different.