Saturday, 9 July 2016

Polish Generals

The basing department has been hard at work catching up with the finished figures. I have a couple of units to share with you but first up three Polish Generals for my horde of cavalry.

 The first figure is an Old Glory figure, a bit small in comparison but a really nice figure none the less, this will probably command my Heavy Cavalry brigade.
 The next is by TAG quite a dynamic horse and I have chosen to paint him in contrasting red and blue, colours widely used by the Poles.

 Lastly is the senior cavalry commander. This model is also from TAG and is based on the Hetman of Lithuania at the time of the thirty years war. I have chosen to paint him as the Polish King at the siege of Vienna from Angus Kostams excellent artwork. Its a bit more contempory and more important is far more colourful.

I did enjoy painting these as I did all of the Poles, they are so colourful and much of it you can make up yourself (up to a point)

Next will be the finished Karelska Cavalry and a Brigade shot as that brings the Swedish Cavalry up to three units. I also have some workbench updates to share so keep tuned and as always thank you for reading.

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