Thursday, 14 July 2016

Swedish Cavalry

As the basing department has finished with another unit of Cavalry I now have a Brigade to share with you. I thought I might capture some pictures of them all together.

Firstly the new unit the Karelska Cavalry Regiment.

Ebor miniatures figures using the Korpus head a nd a bandaged head with their separate head system. I particularly like having a heroic injured trooper with the bandage in the unit. The third picture gives a good view of my take on the shallow wedge or plow formation favoured by the Swedes.

 The next snaps capture all three Swedish units with their Polish Valak auxiliary troops. Two units of Ebor Swedes supported by a unit of Footsore Swedes and the Valaks are a mix of manufacturers including Warlord Pike and Shotte croats and Foundry Poles.

 And a couple of close ups to finish off with. This captures the dynamism of some of the Ebor cavalry quite well/

I just need a cavalry Brigadier to lead them now. Hamilton sounds like the man, he led the Swedish left flank Horse at Poltava the Grandson of a Scottish Soldier in the Army of Gustavus Adolphus I think. Best have a dig around and decide which figures best fits the bill.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look. We are getting a bit nearer the point where I can actually contemplate a small game!


  1. Terrific! A very tempting project.

  2. Ah Jonathan, don't hesitate just wade in. Fascinating period.

  3. Beautifully Painted Cavalry! BB

  4. Outstanding job, from the base to the top of the flags...great details and fantastic paint job!

  5. Cheers Paul and Phil. Both Footsore and Ebor and lovely figures, the Ebor take a bit more work but the result is well worth the effort.