Saturday, 9 April 2016

The First Swedish Brigade

So having completed my first Swedish General I now have a complete brigade. No idea who this general is based on so I will refer to him as Carl Piper, one of the infantry column commanders at Poltava and a favourite of King Charles.

This is probably the simplest of the two Generals I have to paint for the Swedes at the moment. Another Ebor figure and very easy to paint.

The brigade itself is made of three battalions all of which were actually in Roos infantry column at Poltava. This was the column of 6 Indelta battalions which became separated from the main army and was eventually forced to surrender.

Ypu can see from the above I have added the Smalands cavalry and the brigade gun.

The Below gives a good view from the side of a srtanding unit showing the three ranks quite clearly

This does give a good idea of how these will look on table and the sort of space they will use. However with the Swedes having nearly 50% cavalry I will need to get my skates on with the horse.

That's it for now folks. Hope you like how they look. I am really happy with how these are coming along.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Great collection you have manage to create here. They look even better all together like this.

  2. Cheers Engel, I have one more battalion painted awaiting basing then I need to get my skates on for the next unit. Narke Varmland regiment next.

  3. I am inspired to dig out my Ebor Kickstarter figures and get painting. Love the deep infantry basing and the way you've created a wedge with the basing of the cavalry. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Do it Colin, they are great figures that reward the painter. Looking to pick up some Ebor and Warfare cavalry and do these wedges charging next time. Next up though will be Narke Varmland foot regiment then another unit of Cossacks.