Friday, 1 April 2016

Swedish Artillery

Basing department has returned to Uni but has left me with a couple of units based to share with you.

First up is my first Great Northern War Artillery, a Swedish Gun and crew from Ebor Miniatures. Really lovely figures especially the officer

They come in a pack of 6 crew but I reckon 4 is plenty so the 4 spares from my two crews will make an extra crew for a third gun.

Close up of Officer and Gunner.

The gun carriage was blue faced yellow and I decided that a blue/grey would be a better fit dry brushed pale grey to give a more weathered effect. The yellow is a faded sand colour.

The crew in grey faced blue have a very simple but elegant uniform. Quick and Easy to paint. This is a field gun and probably the largest gun I will do for the Swedes, artillery found it difficult to keep up with the army who relied on aggressive shock action in combat, only light pieces really stood a chance unless the Swedes were on the defensive.

Next up is likely to be either my third Swedish foot battalion or my first Saxon foot.

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