Thursday, 14 April 2016

Perry Miniatures Carlist War Generals

In preparation for our Carlist Wars game on Sunday I thought I had better finish off some generals. The game will be around 20 battalions per side plus guns and horse so will need a minimum of 6 generals per side so these latest should come in handy.

I have finished off 4 command bases. One Carlist and 3 liberal. First of all apologies, hardly action shots, taken on a blanket in the spare room! Still you get the idea.

First up is a Carlist officer. This is the second use of this figure, the first time I added him to my Battalion of Navarese Guides, giving him a red beret and grey coat. Most of my officers have red berets so a white one makes a colourful change.

The next officer is a Liberal. starting life as the British General De Lancy Evans, no modifications here just a slightly different paint job to the British General. I like how the dappled grey has come out.

 Thirdly another liberal, this chap I already have as a staff officer in grey trousers, I think he makes an excellent generic mounted officer.

 Lastl is a two figure command base. Both of these are Foundry Napoleonic officers sculpted by the Perry's. I picked them both up at a show from a spares box and removed the large plumes in their hats and buttoned gaiters. I think they started life as Russian or Prussian mounted officers but they do very nice as a pair of Liberal officers.

So these will be on table for our game on Sunday and a battle report is expected as a follow up next week some time. In the mean time as usual thank you for reading.

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