Friday, 8 April 2016

Swedish Regiment Sodermanland

Back to the Swedes this week.

This is the first regiment using mainly Ebor Miniatures Swedes. I have to say I am definitely a fan.

Sodermanland was another of the regional Regiments that formed the backbone of the Swedish army and fought in most of the major engagements including Poltava.. The uniform is typically Swedish with the Blue jacket faced yellow, with the slight difference of white leggings to set them apart slightly

Above is the right hand base with the two nearer figures being Grenadiers, you cant tell from this but they have two cartridge pouches, the second one being for the grenades and being coloured with the royal cipher on. The rearmost figures is a Warfare Drummer.

 In the above picture of the left hand base the much taller figures of the Warfare Seargent is very apparent. In the second rank is a foundry musketeer who fits in very well with the slightly smaller Ebor figures.

The command base with those huge and colourful Warfare flags, All Ebor with the exception of the ensign at rear right who is Warfare, slightly less apparent in this picture.

The above picture gives you an idea of the depth of the bases, I do like how this looks and it gives a lot more protection to the figures, particularly those vulnerable bayonets we all loose. The idea impression of three ranks is more apparent in this photo as well.

And a last shot of the whole unit to finish. On the whole a very nice unit, the Ebor figures have lovely animation and I find that Paul Hicks sculpting suits my style of painting very well. The uniforms are simple so easy and quick to paint, which is a god send to me with my limited ability to paint.

I hope you like these, I have a general to share next and then I should have an after action report of next weeks Carlist War game.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Great looking miniatures.

  2. Cheers Engel, Ebor are really nice, Paul Hicks does a fantastic sculpt