Monday, 7 March 2016

Russian Civil War Game

As a bit of a diversion from The Great Northern War I thought I would share an after action report of our Russian Civil War game this weekend.

We Use Too Fast Lardies Triumph of the Will and I do like these rules. 28mm figures almost all Copplestone.

There was lot going on in this game. A small force of Czechs (Western Capitalist stooges) were holding a rail head near a port. The reds decided to dislodge them with a three pronged attack, some quality troops being landed by sea in a tramp steamer looking remarkably like it should have a very large gorilla in its hold supported by a gun boat. A force of red militia attacking frontally and a further large force of regular red cavalry approaching from inland.

Meanwhile the Whites (Counter revolutionary gangsters) were advancing from the remaining side with some good quality Horse and foot accompanied by a tired looking Tchanka and a rather ineffective tank. Below are their super troopers, Polish Guard Lancers. More of them later.

The game started well for the Reds who through a 6 for a plane to come on and straif the White Cavalry, and their militia took minimal damage from the Czechs whilst naval gun fire began to soften up the railhead.

Meanwhile the white cavalry on the right flank charged forward heroically into the steel storm of artillery and machine guns with predictably bloody effects, three turns was enough to see the first brigade of white cavalry annihilated whilst the militia forced the Czechs back and began to break into the rail head. 

On the other flank the white cavalry made better progress as the cavalry forces of the two sides manouvered towards a massive cavalry clash. The White attachment of a Tchanka and a light tank was to prove decisive.


Whilst this was happening the sneaky whites brought a torpedoe boat on to reduce the red superiority in guns by sinking the gun boat, its first shot was hit, hurrah!!! But caused no damage at all other than to scratch the paint work Booo!


 In the centre the whites were no attacking in earnest and their foot were beginning to close in on the rail head from the other side.


 The cavalry melee resolved itself into a very bloody stalemate, the machine guns and tank preventing the slightly superior red forces from gaining an advantage.

Bit luck began to run out for the heroes (and heroines) of the revolution as some poor shooting from the artillery gave the whites the chance they needed  to start to push the militia in the rail head village back.

In the end it was a very c lose run thing, with a little more luck the reds would have defeated the forces of counter revolution but it was not to be and the Whites were able to claim a narrow victory.

As I said a bit od something different, hope you enjoyed it, was a great game played in the right spirit by some great friends. Thanks to John Smith and Chris Charlton for the photos and Chris Flowers for hosting the game.


  1. A fantastic period to play (only once every 3 years in our club approximatively), and your figures are really nice...Splendid photos as well, love the plane!

  2. Cheers Phil, the planes and boats do add a great deal to the feel of the games. My friends with the cameras far more proficient than I.

  3. Nice report, great looking figures and gear!

  4. Great paint jobs, great game. Would have loved to been there!