Monday, 14 March 2016


The basing department made a brief visit home this weekend so we based this unit up together. Used a few new tufts I picked up from Ebay which I think look quite nice too.

Irregular Cossacks are a particularly useful unit. In terms of Great Northern war they can be Russian, Ukrainian or Polish (Apart from the Orthodox priest of course) as Poles fought for the Swedes and the Saxons and Ukrainians fought for Swedes and Russians this becomes very versatile. When you then think that these can be used from Renaissance to Napoleonic too you start to feel that you have your monies worth from this unit.

These are all Foundry figures I think sculpted by Mark Copplestone.

 I have tried to make them quite irregular in terms of how they are based as well as painted so hopefully have that look of Piratical splendour I associate with the Cossacks.

 This shot gives you an idea of how they sit on the bases.

I will have another unit of these at some point but back on with the Swedes for now.

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