Monday, 21 March 2016

Ebor GNW Swedes

In an earlier post I promised to review the Ebor Swedes once I had some painted, well I am quite a way into my next battalion of foot using mainly Ebor so thought I would share my thoughts with you.

First thing to say is I am a big fan of Paul Hicks work so no surprise that I like these figures. They are smaller than expected which means they fit perfectly with the Wargames Foundry figures I already have. A pleasant surprise, they do fit less well with Warfare however which is a shame.

In the picture below the two outer figures are foundry and the drummer is Warfare.

The shots below are of the two grenadiers. I love these figures. Particularly useful here is the separate head system which allows you to use tricorn, tall mitre, floppy mitre, brass plate, Korpus or even bandaged heads.

There are 4 different pike figures I believe, below pictured are two of them, two of the figures are the same but again the separate head system allows them to still look different.

 The below picture illustrates the difference between Ebor and Warfare. The seargent is Warfare and is a very elegant, tall slim figure. The officer is Ebor and for me has much more character.

 Two standard bearers below, again the first is Ebor and the second Warfare, both very nice figures, I am not too concerned with mixing these on bases I think the height wont cause too many issues.

 Finally a Swedish mounted officer, a very simple figure and easy to paint.

 I just have 3 figures left to paint for this unit so hopefully I will have the finished unit based and photographed in a couple of weeks. I will then probably have a look at a Swedish gun and crew.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Exellent stuff! Lovely painting!
    I'm most of the time a one brand kinda guy! So I'll mostly stick with warfare, tho I will use the ebor mounted officer as warfare don't have any of those yet!

    I'll also probebly start on some of the ebor danes!
    Looking very much forward to seeing the finished unit!

  2. Hi Gunfreak, I usually am the same but got a bit carried away with this range. If Ebor had been all ready 6 months ago I may well have bought nothing else.

  3. How big will the finished unit be?

    1. Sorry meant my comments to be a reply!

  4. The finished unit will be 18 men. Left to right, 3 man front rank including 2 grenadiers, 2man second rank and drummer as a "vurtual" third rank.Middle base front rank 2 pike and officer slightly forward, second rank one pikeman, third rank two standard bearers, then third base similar to first but no grenadiers and third rank is the seargent waving them on.

    1. Ah cool! Will be great to se the finished unit!

  5. Superb job, great details on the uniforms and splendid flags!