Monday, 29 February 2016

Swedish Regiment Vastmanland

So with the basing department home again for a couple of days we were able to get another unit of Swedes completed.

These are the Vastmanland Regiment. 

For this unit I have mainly used Wargames Foundry figures, these may be old and slightly small but I love these figures in their cold weather gear. I added in a small number of Warfare Swedes for command and to add a little variety, as they are a lot taller I put a little plasticard under the foundry figures to heighten them a little. I quite like the end result. 

In the above picture you can see the Warfare Seargent in cold weather gear waving his men on.

And here the officer stands out  little from the Foundry pike.

The Warfare drummer is a lovely characterful figure and I like adding the Gabion to this base. Thank you to the basing department for the addition of a small headline which looks quite pretty!

Vastmanland is another unit that fought at nearly all the major engagements from Narva, through Poland and into the Ukraine, being destroyed amongst the Russian redoubts at the battle of Poltava.

Not quite sure the lighting does them justice in these pictures, I blame the photographer.


  1. Stunning job, these units look awesome!

  2. Much appreciated Phil. I think the Ebor units will looking even nicer, watch this space.