Saturday, 6 February 2016


So to make up for only one post in 3 weeks I thought I would share what has been keeping me busy.

First two of my next Swedish battalion. I will be picking up the rest of this unit along with 4 others tomorrow at York.

2 El Cid Christians, got loads of these to paint first couple I have done for nearly a year.

Russian Civil War Red Cavalry, with a game coming up I am trying to get a few more figures finished for this period.


Sikh Wars British Sepoy and Sikh matchlockman, this is part of a long term project and I keep adding the odd figure in the hope I will surprise myself with a finished unit some time later this year!

4 more figures for Russian Civil War. This time Polish Lancers of the Russian Imperial Guard. Particularly like these and they are very useful as they fought for the whites for a year before marching back to Poland to fight the Reds again as part of the Polish army.

Lastly a base for my Saxon Guard foot, I hope to have a brigade of guards for the Saxons and this first battalion is about half painted now, this will be made up of mainly Wargames Factory musketeers with Ebor command figures.

Visiting the York Vapnartak show tomorrow and meeting Nick from Ebor to pick up 5 battalions of Swedish foot and 2 guns and crews.

May do a quick write up on the figures once I have had a sift through them.

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