Tuesday, 3 January 2017

GNW Saxon regiment Pistoris

Happy new year and welcome to m first 2017 post.

For the next few weeks I will be sharing some figures coming off the work table which are a bit different, more of that later but for now Saxons.

This is the 4th unit finished and over the line, IR Pistoris, amongst others these fought at Kliszow, I will be doing 2 battalions of these and a further 2 of another regiment to make up a 2nd brigade.

The figures like the previous units are mainly Wargames Factory with Ebor command figures and one each casualty figures from Warfare and Ebor.

I do like the effect of the two casualty figures hit by a volley and particularly like the contract of red, white and blue in the uniforms.

The next couple of posts are likely to be based around the North European Bronze Age project. This is a in-finished collection which we will be using for a demonstration game at Vapnartak York Wargames show on 5th February.

I need to get some sections of the collection finalized to make the game work so to keep me enthused I will be sharing the results on here. Don't worry I will still be pushing the Great Northern War forward and the basing department has 3 units to finalise which I can still share with you in the near future.
Its not a great picture, I will do better next time but you get the idea. Hopefully this means more eye candy alongside the Great Northern War project rather than instead of. The first couple along with a round house are finished so as soon as I home in daylight I will get a snap or two to share.

So it only remains for me to wish you a fantastic 2017, enjoy and see you soon.


  1. Fantastic paint job and wonderful bases...well done, and Happy New Year Rodger!

  2. Another excellent looking unit

    1. Thanks Neil, this post I think has both my best and worst photography so far!

  3. I do like those Saxons. Especially the ranker next to the casualties looking across and thinking "WTF!".
    European bronze age? That's quite a change. Look forward to seeing more of that.

    1. Cheers Paul, that was what I was going for, nice to have a bit of interest on the bases. European Bronze Age has some of the nicest figures I have painted, so hoping the photography will do them justice.