Friday, 13 January 2017

Bronze age Warlords and Hero's

Hi All

Quick update on the progress of the Bronze Age SAGA game for York show.

Four more figures completed. Two are dismounted versions of the Warlords in chariots, another is a dismounted version of a hero in a chariot and the 4th is a sword wielding warrior.

So this is the main Warlord or King for one of my Factions, its a standard Foundry figure, as the Chariots come with a choice of figures buying two means you get the same figure twice and can dismount on, I have used plastic bases so I can drill and pin the Warlords and warriors as they don't come with any base beign designed fro the chariots.
This next chap is the other Warlord from the same chariot pack. I think the outstretched arm is designed to hold a horizontal shield but he looks much better carrying around the severed head of his foe. I have continued the theme of grey and blue vs red and brown into the Warlords as you can see.
This next chap is a Warrior without a chariot, painted very simply but very dynamic, this is again unchanged from foundry and particularly nice.
 This last chap is the dismounted version for one of my two chariot born hero's, the other is already done and you will see pictures of him from the show in due course. Again unchanged except to add a shield to the arm which is designed as steadying him against the chariot and to pin his feet to the base.

 Last stretch before the game in three weeks. I hope to finish half a dozen civilians and maybe my Warrior queen and her chariot. Lets see I don't want to stretch myself too much  but I think I may have time.

Carlist game at the weekend so another post early next week. Thanks for reading.