Wednesday, 2 November 2016


So, lots of posts but not much around painting progress. I have managed to get a few things over the line so thought I would share the latest.

I have 5 more Ebor Russians completed. I reckon that's 4 more to do and the first battalion is complete

Two Saxon standard bearers for Pistoris's regiment.  Intending to do 2 battalions of these. Each Brigade then being two Regiments each of two battalions.
 Then a further three Saxons for the same unit. These are a Warfare Casualty, an Ebor seargent and a Wargames Factory private. Again 4 more figures and this battalion is complete.
 The 5 more Cavalry for Beusts regiment. These are all Warfare and are the troopers with Cuirass under their coats. Really enjoyed doing these. They are also the rest of the unit for the 4 I painted as part of my post on how I paint.
 And here are all 9 of the first unit of Beusts. I intend to use these  to show how I approach basing. Part way through already so keep an eye out for that real soon.
 Lastly a couple of Foundry foot Cossacks. My plan is to have a regiment of Cossacks on foot, mainly in grey coats. These guys are a cheat. I picked them up painted from Ebay. The colours and style of painting are very similar to mine and I decided that they would help kick start my unit of Cossacks with some minor additions, I added highlights to the paining then dry brushed the hair, moustaches and caps.
So two more posts to follow shortly. The first will be the Basing post using the Saxon cavalry and then I will do a separate post with the finished unit and some background on these Cavalry.

That's it for now, thanks for reading, see you soon.


  1. Marvelous details on these wonderful uniforms...excellent job!

    1. Much appreciated Phil. I hope to have a post on basing up these Cavalry by the weekend.