Friday, 4 November 2016

GNW Saxon Cavalry Regiment

Hi, having painted the last of the Saxon Curassier's for Beast's regiment, I decided I would get them based up and also photo the basing process. I will do a separate Post on how I base but for now I have some images of the finished unit. I will almost certainly do another 9 man unit of these to follow.

Many of the Curassier units that fought in the major engagements had yellow or buff facings and I was keen to add a unit with a contrast to the buff gloves and red coats. Beaust's fought at Fraustadt so I am happy that they fought in at least some of the major engagements in the earlier part of the war. Their Black facings are an ideal contrast and the saddle cloths also set them off quite nicely.

Wargaming chum and fellow Great Northern War enthusiast Truls has also recently painted this unit and has a post on his blog here
initially I had planned to try a different unit, but the colour scheme for this one was too tempting so sorry Truls!

 The figures, flag and flag pole are all Warfare Miniatures and are very dynamic. I bought this as an 18 man regiment and the price was pretty good too. You can only tell on some figures but they do all have a breastplate under their coats.

I specifically chose to add a pack each of bareheaded and floppy hats to the regiment (Warfare allow you to pick and choose codes within the deal) to give them a slightly more irregular look. The arms are all separate you get enough to do nine with pistols and nine with Swords. I intend to do both lots with Pistols ideally, so hopefully I can figure this out when I get a load of Swedish Cavalry soon as they may come with extra Pistol arms I can swap.

 Below gives you a view of how the figures sit on the bases.  I wanted the unit to have the feel of a solid wall of horseflesh pounding down but not be as structured as the Swedish Wedge.

So exceptionally pleased with this unit and I am looking forward to the release of the Swedish Cavalry.

I hope to have a further post soon showing my process for basing using how I based this unit for the pictures.

For now thanks for reading.


  1. Excellent looking regiment. Great work!

  2. Excellent looking regiment. Great work!

  3. Stunning work as always. Do like the look of the unit compared to the Swedes and a nice alternative.

    1. Cheers Paul, I was keen for them to look different to the Swedes. You had the Op yet?

    2. Yep. Second week into recovery. Seems to have worked. Thanks for asking.

    3. Great news, look forward to another game when you are fully recovered. All the best.

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers Jonathan. Got another unit of foot almost complete to go with them.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Neil, will eventully do another the same, thinking of these as double squadrons as that's how they tended to fight.

    2. Thats one Hell of a Handsome unit.

    3. Cheers Howard, hopefully you will see them riding down Swedess alongside Daves Russians soon. But somehow I doubt it!