Sunday, 13 November 2016

Workbench update

Hi all, as I don't have anything back finished from the basing department (although I am assured some command bases are complete) I thought a quick update on the figures I have been finished off over the last couple of weeks would be in order.

The first nit is Saxon foot regiment Pistoris first battalion. When based this will take me to 4 battalions. I am hoping that the pair of casualty figures on the right will look particularly effective.

 Next is the first battalion of Russian foot completed. These are all Ebor figures. The flags from Reiver Castings.
 I also have the Russian horse grenadiers ready. The basing department is home for the weekend so these might jump the basing que.
 Slightly randomly a Swedish Dragoon Drummer.  Thinking f using this fella with the Livdragoner regiment.
 A Cossack of unknown manufacturer. I still have another two units of Russian Cossacks to paint plus some foot Cossacks.
 And just so you all know I have not forsaken them, the Swedes are still making it through.
 These will be the second battalion of Life Guards, the first battalion being at York on the basing bench for the basing department. These six are the Ebor command pack. The photography not so great on these, I snapped them tonight without the benefit of natural light, but they were finished and I thought why not.........
 Then 2 of the old foundry range which stands the test of time quite well.
 Surprisingly the Foundry figures don't lookout of place with the Ebor figures.
Hopefully have an update with the the Russian Horse Grenadiers soon.

Thanks for reading.


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    1. Cheers Phil. Game day creeps ever closer unit by unit.

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    1. Much appreciated Neil, hope to have the based horse Grenadiers to share in a couple of days.