Thursday, 16 June 2016

Workbench update with a Saxo-Polish feel


I have finished quite a few figures over the last week so I thought I might share the progress while the glue drys on the repaired flags for the Swedish horse.

My fascination with the Polish Cavalry has been undimmed and I have managed to finish painting the Pancerni unit I had started.

These are all figures from The Assault Group which I picked up from Ebay. They are really nice and I particularly like the officer.

I also managed to finish a couple of officers to use as Polish Generals. I based the colours for the first one loosely on Angus Kostam's painting of King John Sobieski at Vienna. I wanted to use a colour scheme I felt was authentic for a high ranking Polish Hetman so hopefully this captures that.

Again this is an Assault Group Figure and probably my favourite of the lot, he has a lot of character particularly in the face.

 The next officer is from the TAG Cossack command Pack but I think looks well as a senior officer.

 Lastly more evidence I am still painting Swedes. These are two more of the Swedish Guard Cavalry Livregemente till Hast. So I now have 6 troopers. Currently however Warfare who manufacture this figure only make one Swedish Trooper which was a test model from a couple of years ago. It has a choice of arms and 4 different horses but still its the same figure. I do like how dynamic it is and I am reliably informed that the Swedish cavalry packs for Warfare are coming next month, so I having painted 6 of the same trooper I can buy 12 more, 6 troopers and 6 command, to mix with them and have two units of the Guard Cavalry in this very nice pale blue uniform.

For now however they will sit in the box waiting for their comrades to be released.

So these guys have now all been parked in the basing box for the basing department to get around to. With 6 finished units of Polish horse I wont be painting any more for a while, concentrating on Swedish and Saxon foot.

I have started my third battalion of Saxon Guard as above, three of these are the old Foundry range which still paints up very nice, the other is from Wargames Factory, the rest of this unit are with my friend Steve who is kindly doing the base coats for me. Finishing this will give me a Guards Brigade for the Saxons at which point I will need to get them a Gun  and crew painted. I am also on with the next unit of Swedish Foot which is the Kronoberg regiment.

So plenty of painted figures to be posted when the basing is finished, the Araldite Glue is nearly dry on the Nylands Cavalry so watch this space.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Just discovered the blog via TMP. Looking forward to more lovely eye candy!

  2. Thanks Fireymonkeyboy, just finishing painting next Swedish Cavalry regiment, if I can get them varnished up today then a workbench update to follow.