Friday, 3 June 2016

Painting table

OK so nothing based yet (Basing department home Monday and lots for her to do) and the AAR will have to wait until the game is complete on Sunday and the photos are in from the other guys.

So I thought I might do a really quick post around what I am working on at present and how I keep myself motivated. The above shot is my work table at present. You can see I have 9 figures and 3 horses on there. That's a lot for me, I like to keep volumes low so I don't over face myself and can feel like I am making progress.

A couple of years ago I managed to strain my stomach by painting too much (repetitive strain?) What this now means is that I need to keep painting spells short and make the most of the time I have. That's one of the reasons my daughter does my basing. That and she is actually pretty good at it.

When I have a figure painted it goes in my painted box until I can see that I have a unit near completion, in the below you will see the Cossacks in the box nearly allow me to finish a unit, at this point I will typically be pretty motivated to get cracked on and finish the unit.
 Its important I keep my focus with a project, I am a bit of a butterfly and run from one project to another (evidence the 40 or so Sikh Wars figures on the layer underneath the Great Northern War stuff) so reading lots about the conflict, checking uniforms on line, checking other bloggers progress ( Truls still has far more cavalry than I) and importantly sharing how I am doing via the blog and facebook Black Powder site with people like you, all keep me focused and motivated on turning the figures out.
 The above snapshot shows the progress made on a new unit of Swedes and some of the Polish cavalry, whilst below is the Winged Hussar Standard finished today which I am really pleased with.

So that's about it, its all Physchology really, tricking myself into getting the figures painted without losing interest. Not everyones way I know, I have friends who like to factory turn them out, 60 figures at a time one colour for all then the next. That just doesn't work for me.

So I have now prepared the game for Sunday, using Nuno's book "All honour is lost" for the scenario.
Camera at the ready. Watch this space for the write up.


  1. Great tips. I'm one of those people that likes to set goals and then take too much stress about minis that haven't been painted on time. Really should focus more on your method and enjoy the process. Your minis are also awesome - as always!

  2. Your right Jaako, I should enjoy it a bit more. The frustration tends to be more about not being able to spend more time enjoying it!