Wednesday, 8 June 2016

First Carlist War Huesca part two

In my last post we left the Intrepid General Iribarren leading his division against the Carlist army during their Siesta in the Town Huesca.

The left Column under the General himself had become bogged down fighting the strongly entrenched Navarese Brigade on the San Jorge Hill amongst the walled church yard. The centre Column under Van Halen (real name)  had advanced with only slight resistance around the edge of the Churchyard and the right column under Conrad was forming up to take on the Carlist Cavalry whilst their own Cavalry moved up in support.

This is where things began to get interesting.

 The left column charges the Churchyard again.
 And are thrown back again, with the Provincial Militia breaking.
The other half of the Navarese debauch from the church yard to provide flanking fire against the centre column.

At this point Van Halen decides that he must dispose of the Navarese before continuing to attack the town.

The Cavalry for both sides becomes embroiled in a fierce melee in the centre right until eventually just two squadrons of Carlist lancers remain from a total of 12 for both sides.

The Legion line out to face this threat and then refuse their flank.

 At the other side the centre is destroyed by the Navarese and some well aimed artillery fire, just as the left finally takes the churchyard


 Things go from bad to worse as in quick succession 3 brigades of Carlists are rallied in the town and start to march to the sound of guns.

Meanwhile the Navarese start to join the general advance from outside the churchyard.

 Whats left of the Carlist Cavalry takes post on the flank of the legion whilst the whole Carlist army advances on the only untouched element of the Isabelino's.


 At this point Brigadier Conrad decides that discretion is the better part of valour and with an unbelievable orders throw marches his Legion three moves in the opposite direction and the Isabelino's concede the game.

A great game, but I would need to consider the balance if I did it again as the task was too much for the Isabelino's. The original Scenario calls for 9 battalions to attack 18. However a great game had by all and the worth of the amendments proved.

The two main areas we looked at were moving before firing with penalties if you do both and then a brigade break test at 50% rather than just breaking automatically.

These both worked really well indeed and enhanced the game so will now be part of how we play this going forward.

I will do some shots of the Winged Hussars and Polish Cossacks from the painting bench next and then hopefully the basing department will have started to catch up and have some completed units to share.



  1. Yeah, given those odds I can see the Isabellinos have their work cut out for them to win such a scenario. Gorgeous game though.

  2. My fault really, I need to give th Isabelinos more guns and allow their cavalry to get forward and support. Food for thought for next time.

  3. Can you explain the brigade break amendmemnt please?