Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Last of the Swedish Lifegaurd

Those of you seeing the title and hoping for Blondes in swimwear will be sadly disappointed.

This is the fourth and final battalion of Swedish Foot Guards or Liv Garde Til Flot. Giving me a round 4 battalion brigade and also the 12th battalion of foot so three complete brigades or a full division of infantry. I do intend to do another 3 or so but for now I wont be painting Swedish foot for a while.

 I do love the aggressive stance of the Swedish foot from Ebor, 14 of these figures are Ebor including the officer leading from the front. The other four are from the old foundry range which is still really nice and fits with the Paul Hicks sculpts surprisingly well.
 Flags are all from Warfare miniatures and really do make the units I feel.
 The "vurtual third rank" is visible in these last two pictures.

Having completed the first twelve I may have a bit of a review and photo them all together. Perhaps a better trial for the camera on the tablet?

Watch this space.