Sunday, 8 November 2015

Welcome to my Blog.

Over the last couple of years as I have started new wargaming projects  and thought it might be nice to share the journey I have gone through from inception to completion and all the hurdles along the way. My own lack of technical awareness has prevented me from starting that until I recently decided to start a new Wargaming Project around the Great Northern War and turned to my IT department for advice.

So sat in the front room with my daughter shaking her head sadly I have started this blog. I hope to put a post with a couple of pictures every couple of weeks with my thoughts and progress. I will talk through the initial planning phase with rules, basing and figure selection. I will cover where we got inspiration and detail on uniforms and tactics and we how we translated these onto the gaming table, so the project should cover the whole process from the first figures purchased and why, to after action reports of battles once the project is near completion.

I might also add some of the other projects to this if there is any interest, particularly the Sikh Wars project I have started and the British Bronze Age project.

So feel free to comment and join in, I hope you enjoy the journey.