Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Figure Selection

So having decided that Great Northern War Swedes was my next project I needed to decide what figures I was going to use. 28mm is my preferred scale and with some recent releases there is quite a bit of choice.

Wargames foundry have an old bit still very nice range for Swedes and Russians. It is a little small both in range and figure size but still nice.

Reiver Castings have a full range with flags but to be honest I just don't like the figures.

Ebor have some wonderul Marlburian castings and  kickstarter for Great Northern War, however the figures are yet to appear on the market for some reason (I heard a rumour that the owner was ill, no idea if anything behind this)

Footsore Miniatures (formerly Musketeer) a small but nicely sculpted range, bit too chunky for the foot to fit with other ranges but the horse are lovely.

Finally there are the new range of Warfare Miniatures Swedes and Russians, very dynamic, lots of range for the foot, complete with flags but even with the battalion pack deals a little expensive.

I decided that the best thing to do was trawl ebay for cheap figures and pick some packs of the new ranges up and have a play.

You will see from the above that my IT department has returned to University, hopefully photographs will improve. The above shows a comparison between a Warfare (left) and Foundry (right|) musketeer, both really nice but quite a size disparity.

 In the next picture you can see, left to right, Ebor, Warfare and Footsore pike. All very nice but no that compatible. So my current view is that Ebor would be my preferred option but in the absence of any figures I can buy Warfaer is a good close second. I can possibly mix in some Foundry I pick up second hand and Musketeer Cavalry will do nicely too.

Having decided this I now have a couple of painted examples I can share.

Left to right are Warfare musketeer, Foundry Musketeer and Foundry Pikeman. All very nice. I now need to decide if I can live with the size difference on one base. Then I need to decide in basing which is a whole other issue. I hope to be able to share a painted unit of Swedish foot and another of horse next time with some ideas around basing.

Thanks for reading.

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