Thursday, 9 August 2018

Livonian Adelsfana

Another unit back from the basing department. These are the Livonian Adelfana, Swedish Troops from of course Livonia. Each of the territories rules by Sweden, including Sweden itself had an Adelsfana or Noble Banner of cavalry usually from 150 to 600 men, The Livonians had 300. This unit could be any of those for the early war but I liked the Livonians.
The Livonians fought at Riga and Gemaurtauf and also Lesnaya, that they didnt fight at Poltava after Lesnaya suggests they could not raise a full unit after the battle of Lesnaya, although they were fighting again at Riga in 1710 so perhaps reformed.
I like the contrast of the Grey faced yellow, by Lesnaya they almost certainly were wearing Blue faced yellow. So this is an early war uniform.
This is another unit started nearly 2 years ago in preparation for Warfares release of Swedish cavalry so 4 of the figures are from the older range. The horses are all from the new range and I like them a lot, there is one horse that doesnt seem quite as nice but its still OK, see if you can guess which it is!
In the below shot you can see the command base and the Cornet is from the earlier cavalry range, still a good fit I think. I also like the officer peering to his left to check the dressing of his "flying wedge".
This base shows figures from 3 different packs from left to right is the original test pack, one of the shouldered swords pack (the others of these will all make a separate Dragoon unit later) and one of the charging pack.
This last is also three packs, from left to right is a new charging pack, then a generic 17th century horseman bareheaded pack and finally from the Swedish charging pack. The middle figure I only realised afterwards has a cast on blanket roll which is a bit odd as the horses also have cast on blanket rolls! Rookie error.
The older figures are not perfect fits for these horses but work OK, I dont think they look odd at all and even the one with an extra blanket roll doesnt look out of place (below second from left)
This unit takes me to 8 cavalry and two more nearly finished by the basing department. Lots still to share. However I will be setting off for my Baltic Cruise very shortly and I dont know if I will be able to post before I return. Excited to be visiting the seat of the Great Northern War, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia and Germany, I cant wait. St Petersburg promises to be amazing but I will also be looking forward to dragging the finance department around the Swedish Army museum next week as well. Hope to share pictures when I am back.

So hopefully there will be chance whilst away to post the odd blog but if not I will see you all when I sail back home. Bon Voyage shipmates!


  1. Beautifull !
    Faces are very expressive and We love the colours !
    Black boots seems made in leather !
    Bravo !

    1. Very much appreciated L'Empereur more to come soon.

  2. A lovely looking unit Roger...
    Sounds like the perfect Wargamers holiday...

    All the best. Aly

    1. Shh dont tell the wife, its not a wargames holiday at all! Cheers Aly

  3. Excellent regiment. Well done job. Congratulations.

    1. Roger, what date are you planning to be in St. Petersburg?
      If you have a desire, we can meet.
      I'm ready to show you Petersburg.

    2. Alexey I am so sorry, I had no internet on the ship so I am seeing this a wek too late, would have loved to have met you as well.

    3. Not scary. Not the last year we live. I myself returned from Stockholm only today (I watched the ships on the GNV). In September I'll go to Saxony!
      P.S. just wanted to meet!

    4. I would have loved to meet, next time hopefully!

  4. Excellent looking regiment. Enjoy your break

  5. Great work and really nice unit, as in your standard.....