Sunday, 8 October 2017

More WW1 Turks

So after watching the fabulous documentary on BBC4 about the Australian Light Horse recently I thought I might paint up a few more figures for Palestine. I had a couple of days off and have managed to turn around 14 newly painted figures.

I have particularly enjoyed painting the figures in Arab headdress, I tried out using the pale buff colour. I really like how it contrasts with the white, wished I had painted a few more I got the idea from gamer  and painter "Over Open Sights", I may pick a few more up just to mix this in. The Turks had all sorts of issues with uniform supply and getting consistent dye colours. There are photographs of them wearing their summer white uniforms  fighting in Gallipoli so I decided a mix of colours would be a good fit. I like how they look together.

I have taken a similar if less drastic approach with the Turks in sun helmet's and also mixed in a few Fez's.. The figure on the left below was an experiment using Warlord figure painter, to be honest it hasn't really worked so I wont be using that again for the Turks. You will notice a few of them have no bayonet. Whilst the Woodbine Miniatures figures are absolutely lovely they can break easily. I had one snap off at the ankles, but with the rest its just the bayonets.

I finished the last four and the arab irregular today so thought I might add a little something about basing. For desert or dry earth basing I keep it really simple, pre-made filler put on with a knife. I like a rough finish so you get some depth, so I run the knife back over as it begins to set. With bigger bases I also add gravel but no need on these little bases. Once its dry a decent layer of English Civil War buff, then once thats dry I dry brush with a really pale ivory. Lastly add a few tufts, suitably dry grass versions for desert games. In this case supplied by Wargaming chum Jerry Miller who has just started making his own and was persuading me to consider the same. I like how its come out so seriously considering this now. Jerry paints professionally and has just started his web site, feel free to visit.

These last four are probably my favourites in terms of the colour scheme, they finish off the Turks I have at the moment although I do plan to add a few more plus of course some cavalry and heavy weapons.

I thought I might finish off the last of my Arabs whilst doing the Turks, this guy looks a bit more like a Morrocan Berber to me but will fi in with the other Arabs OK.

The last figure is another of the Aussies. Just 8 of these left to paint before I start looking at the Cavalry and heavy Weapons.

We will be using "Bolt Action" rules when ready. I have already used them for WW1 in East Africa and find they work very well.

Better get some more of those Aussies done, this fella and his Arab guide look a little outgunned.
See you next time, thanks for reading.


  1. The traditional Xmas Game here is WW1 Mesopotamia, so they might get an outing then.

    1. Definately up for that Ken thank you.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Paul. Back to GNW once the Swedish Cavalry are out. Not holding my breath mind.

  3. Hello Roger!
    I begin the project on GNW. I already admired your works, especially basing. And here question:
    Prompt the extent of bases for infantry and a cavalry of Swedes.

    1. Thats great news, if I understand you correctly you are looking for base sizes. For my Great Northern War collection I use 50mm front and 80mm deep for both horse and foot.