Monday, 28 August 2017

Workbench and latest from the basing department

So we have been pretty busy recently and a few finished items to share.

For the most part these are bases to finish units off.

Firstly four white Russian regular foot. Added to the four we already have completed thats another unit of eight finished. One footsore, one copplestone, one of Leonids and one converted from a free figure from the partizan show.

 The first two cavalry finish an eight man unit of Urals cossacks. The second two the start of a new red cavalry unit.
 These two sikhs finalise a ten man cavalry unit.
 These five Saxons added to the four already painted give me half a unit of Saxon guard.

So this is the next unit hopefully complete by the next weekend.
Thats it for now. A few El Cid figures to share next.


  1. Superb, flags and painting!

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Neil, hope to have these finished at the weekend and over to the basing department.

  3. Good job.
    In St. Petersburg, apart from Leonid, there are also people producing figures for this period (WWI and RCW)

    1. Thank you. To be honest the Russian Civil War project was finished until I saw Leonids figures and decided to get a few more. Not sure I need more temptation. Just need a few more cossacks. 3 in large fur hat and cherkeska will finish my Caucasian unit the 6 more Copplestones will sort out a Siberian Cossack unit.