Sunday, 5 February 2017

Bronze Age SAGA at Vapnartak York

Hi all, today we put our demo game on at Vapnartak. It was a roaring success and we had a lot of interest, so much so that in 6 hours we only got one game completed.

I think the game looked pretty good and was really pleased with the final outcome. A good show all round, with some lovely games, really liked the Kut WW1 game.

So to set the scene above is the full 6x4 table with our handouts and battle boards. Chris had also printed some nice pictures and framed them as a backdrop.

Below are the shots we got of the game, a lot were washed out as we got a lovely spot over looking the race course which had a lot of natural light.

We intend to put the battleboards and rule amendments onto the ELMS East Leeds web site as soon as we can, so anyone interested we will let you know when.

All in all a great day and met some nice folk. No long write up I hope the pictures speak for themselves.


  1. Amazing stuff! Which illustrated book is that in the 1st picture, beneath the battle boards? How did you model the wooden hall?

  2. Hi, its a Wargames Illustrated article, from issue 115 April1997. Most of the buildings are resin and by Monolith Designs, also some by Grand Manner.

  3. Glad it all went well for you.

  4. always good when you spend more of the day talking then playing at an event like that. Shows a level of interest and that you got a lot more right then wrong. well done.

    1. Thanks Paul, yep I think we got more right than wrong, felt a little bit bad as a lot of people wanted to joi in and play it but I hadn't planned it as a participation and the two of us spent most of the day with punters.

  5. A great looking game. Glad it was a success