Sunday, 2 October 2016

Polish Guard and Russian Dragoons

Hi, it's been a busy weekend for Great Northern War gaming.

 I have just got back from a great game with Paul over at Grimsby Wargames club, I have a stack of photos to sort through and will put an after action report in shortly.

The basing department has returned from University for the weekend with no less than 5 units finished. Three units of Polish cavalry, one of Russians and the Polish Guard.

So to keep you going a few snaps of the latter two units. Forgive the quality, light was not great when I got back.

First of all is my second Saxon regiment, their were two guard regiments, the Saxon Guard and the Polish Guard in almost identical uniforms. I already have the first battalion of the Saxon guard and this is the first battalion of the Polish guard, the second battalion is already with the basing department leaving one more to do to complete a four battalion brigade of Guards.

Figures are Wargames Factory rank and file with Ebor and Foundry command.

Not sure if I should refer to these as the Saxon, Polish Guard or the Polish Guard of the Saxon army or just the Polish guard.

Either way here they are.

I think these marching units show the basing and the virtual third rank off really well.

 We then have the first based unit of Russian regulars. These are all Ebor sculpts, the trooper only comes with one head variant so I decided that three head swaps with the spate heads Ebor sell would improve the look of this unit.

I may add some more photos of these when I can get some better looking snaps, in the meantime plenty to share with you over the coming weeks so watch this space.


  1. Those russians do look great in their green! Wonderful painting. And compliments to the basing department as usual.

    1. I will let her know before she returns to Uni tomorrow Truls, thanks.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Phil, appreciate the support.

  3. Superb figures. Having seen them in the flesh my appreciation for your work has only increased. Terrific.
    really glad you enjoyed the game and that the trip was worthwhile.

    1. Very much appreciated Paul, the same applies great to finally see them al on table and have my first GNW game.